You know how you’re never fully dressed without a smile?  Well, it’s true…and mom was right.

Nothing takes a chic outfit to the next level like confidence. And although I’ve been known to serve some v serious face on the gram, if you’ve ever watched my YT videos, my IG stories or have met me IRL, you know that I’m almost always all smiles.

Between failed attempts at white strips (I always give up by day 3 because my teeth get too sensitive) and my love for some good, grammable latte art, I’ve been needing to step up my teeth whitening game.

Enter Nu Skin’s new AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste. It’s peroxide free (major bonus), the tube itself is crazy chic (bye tacky red tubes on my bathroom counter), it tastes so fresh (and so clean, clean) and most importantly you guys, IT WORKS. I’m not exaggerating when I say I could see a difference the very first time I used it. Which never happens. That, and no matter the sweets I may or may not be snacking on before lunch (gummies are my weakness!), it’s beyond long-lasting.

What are your teeth whitening remedies? Comment below + share! Xx

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Christine Kong

I need this toothpaste asap! My teeth get stained so easily Bc I drink coffee every single day. I need a good whitening toothpaste that isn’t sensitive to my teeth. You have a beautiful smile and gorgeous shining teeth and I see why! Need to try this now. Xoxo, Christine


Wow, the packaging is indeed incredibly stylish. Although I’ve never heard of this Nu Skin brand before, it sounds interesting to try. You’re right, every look is a bit undone without a smile 🙂 However, in terms of tooth whitening I’m a bit way too old-fashioned and till now used only charcoal, haha! But would love to try this one for sure.

Cheers, Eliza |


I have heard so many good things about this product! I like that it can be used daily as a toothpaste, as well as a whitening product. It seems like this whitens without damaging the enamel. I am so happy to see that you had such good results with this product! After seeing your success I will definitely have to try it out for myself.

~xo Sheree


My teeth are also super sensitive so I have a hard time with the strips too! AP24 sounds promising – I’ll have to give it a try. Can you share some before and afters so we can see the improvements? I love seeing when teeth really get several shades whiter!


Thank you for the review, babe! This toothpaste seems very effective. I try to avoid white strips, because my teeth are too sensitive and this toothpaste could be a great compromise. And the tube design is really chic, can’t agree more 🙂

Such a great and stylish interior.


I have heard about this toothpaste before and I have to say I was always wandering if it really works. Theres so many toothpaste in the market that actually advertise the same and not of them work. I’m glad you got to experience this brand and that really work for u. I couldn’t agree more the best accessories is our smile. Really going to try it so thanks for sharing your experience with us.



What a great toothpaste. I’m pretty sure that most of the women suffer from teeth stains and this Nu Skin paste sounds very effective to fight for it! Especially for all the wine, green tea and coffee lovers like me! I will definitely check this out to achieve a beautiful smile.
Thanks for sharing!

Manda Lee

I totally feel you on the serious IG face but being more bubbly IRL! Totally me too! I’m also the same when it comes to whiting strips. My teeth become too sensitive and I never finish them. Nu Skin’s new AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste seems like a great way to whiten without the sensitivity and it’s incredible chic as well! I’m so picky about what sits on my bathroom counters but this would definitely make the cut! Headed to check them out and thanks for introducing me to a great product!

Manda |


You have the prettiest smile! Nu Skin’s new AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste is just what I need! My teeth are SO sensitive and whitening strips just don’t work for me! I also love that this toothpaste is peroxide free and has a white tube! I have been drinking a lot of coffee lately (blame it on the gram), so I definitely want this in my life!



The whitening toothpaste sounds great and I love the minimal packaging. Is it made of natural resources and free of bleach? I would definitely look into his brand and see if its a potential toothpaste for me!


Omg this sounds so perfect! Also totally same. I can’t get into the strips haha. Like I’ve tried and then just forget cause life. I definitely want to give this a try!


Hello love!

I’m always all smiles too and I have to keep my teeth white. I definitely must try that new AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste. Hope my teeth will look better.

Jill Wright

I love a great whitening toothpaste and am always looking for the next best thing to try! I’ll have to check out this Nu Skin paste. You look amazing so clearly it works. Thanks for the recommendation.

J. x

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