Welcome to Minimal Major!

My world has revolved around fashion since before I can remember.

I grew up basing most of my outfits around my favorite tie-die tights, paired with custom pink velvet dresses (with rhinestone buttons), accessorized with Parisian berets and to tie the whole look together – obviously disco ball earrings (no brainer). It was a lot more chic than it sounds – I think. I mean, didn’t get voted ‘best dressed’ in middle school for nothin’.

So with the New Year just around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to start a personal style blog; a creative and fresh outlet for style ideas + things I love. As a TV producer who works primarily on red carpets producing fashion segments (stay tuned for an inside look at this season’s award shows!), starting a fashion-inspired blog just seems like the next step. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since the early Xanga days so, why not? Carpe that diem, ya know?

I’m going to be 90 and fabulous someday and the last thing I want is to ask myself is, what if?

I hope this blog inspires you to be fearless and to follow your happiness. Or if that’s like, way too cheesy then at the very least I hope it will help you get dressed on a Monday morning when you have nothing to wear (but a closet full of clothes).

xx Madison




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